What’s the Best E-Cig Starter Kit? My 5 Reviews & Picks for Beginners

Five Good, Cheap Vape Starter Kits for 2016

good e-cigarette starter kits for beginners

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The first time I noticed a vaporizer was on a crowded street. I saw the puff of smoke and expected to walk through an acrid cloud.

Imagine my surprise when that cloud was completely odourless!

There are lots of good reasons for switching over from ‘analog’ cigarettes to vaping. Regaining your senses of taste and smell, losing that smoke smell from your clothes, and improving your health to name a few.

However, getting started can be daunting. What’s with all the components and batteries? What the heck is a mod?

My suggestion? Ignore the complicated stuff for now. I always recommend that a beginner find a good, cheap vape starter kit to get rolling.

They’re easy to use and maintain, and they get you going right away, so you can make a successful switch. Besides, you can always upgrade later on. Start right now. Make a change for the better.

So what’s the best e-cig starter kit worth dropping some money on?I get asked this question a lot, so I figured I’d write an article on it. There are a lot of options out there, including quite a few duds. This piece will outline a few of my favourite, affordable electronic cigarette starter kits, reviewing each, including pros and cons.

I can’t recommend any single kit, because each one on this list has its upsides. Feel free to browse through, I hope it’s helpful!

How Do You Feel About Convenience Store Disposables?

Sometimes when talking to friends about e-cigarettes, they’ll say something like, “Yeah, I tried e-cigs, didn’t like them. No flavour, really weak.”

My next question is: did you buy a disposable at a cigarette shop? And the answer is always “Yup!”

There ARE a few decent  disposables out there, but I’ve yet to find one that competes with a real, rechargeable kit. The disposables are too often cheap, weak and awful tasting.

My advice? Avoid them. They don’t count as an e-cigarette starter kit, and they’re a poor choice to start out. They’re really just a novelty (and a wasteful one at that.)

Kanger EVOD 2: A classic, among the best eGo starter kits around

Kanger EVOD 2 Starter Kit

from: MyFreedomSmokes.com

If you’re new to the e-cig scene, you’ll see a couple of terms thrown around. Two of the most common are 510 and eGo. These are by far the two most popular connection types. (It indicates the threading, and whether a particular atomizer, clearomizer or cartomizer will be compatible with a particular battery.)

eGo batteries are small, pen-shaped devices. They look clean, modern, and they’re extremely durable and reliable. I’ve dropped mine many times with no issues. It’s difficult (though not impossible) to strip the threading on an eGo battery.

Kanger is one of the largest e-cigarette companies around, and they’ve got a winner in this eGo based starter vape kit. It comes with two 650 mAh batteries. You can upgrade later to the slightly longer 1000 mAh ones if you’re a heavier vaper.

The Kanger Ego kit is a clearomizer system, and I really like it. It has three pieces: the base, which unscrews to let you fill the tank, the atomizer, which is replaceable, and the tank which holds the juie and doubles as your mouthpiece.

The tanks hold about 2.4ml of e-liquid. The atomizer serves to vaporize the juice using a wick draws the liquid down naturally onto the coil as you vape.

Practically speaking, that means you simply screw the atomizer onto the battery, fill up the tank with liquid, attach it to the base, and you’re ready to vape. Easy!

The atomizer heads do have a lifespan (usually a couple of weeks). When they burn out, you can easily replace them. The kit comes with five spares

It comes with a wall / USB charger, which lets you recharge from an outlet, your computer, etc.

What I love about the Kanger EVOD 2:

-It’s simple to use and straightforward to refill.

-There is very little environmental waste using this system, since only the atomizer heads need occasional replacing.

-The batteries are comfortable, sleek, and slightly rubberized to touch. It feels very professional and classy.

-Great vapour and true flavour.

What I don’t:

-The eGo batteries are small, but are still considerably bigger than a cigarette. That’s not necessarily bad, just an adjustment.

-Not powerful compared to a mod, but not weak by any stretch. This kit can create a lot of vapour!

On the whole, this is a good e-cig starter kit for a beginner, and it has enough utility and flavour to satisfy a vet. Check it out!

Kanger EMOW: A sleek, powerful, and cheap electronic cigarette starter kit

Kanger EMOW Kit

from: VistaVapor

If you’re into sleek looking gadgets, you’ll love the EMOW. It has all the utility, convenience and ease-of-use of a simple vape starter kit, but it looks like a high-end mod.

This is a newer kit, and it has a lot going for it. First, the looks. With a brushed stainless steel exterior and matching tank atomizer, it is extremely sophisticated. You can get it in multiple colours too.

This is a variable voltage e-cigarette starter kit (or VV), which means you can change how much voltage is sent to the coil. That affects everything from flavour to vapour production and temperature. You can change the voltage by clicking the on / off button 3 times in a row, and the light colour indicates what it is set to.

I do recommend picking up a couple of extra tanks with it. It’s a good vape starter kit, but I think they should have included an extra tank so you can switch between multiple flavours.

Like most kits, this one comes with a USB wall charger. The battery has a massive capacity, about 1300 mAh, which is more than enough for a full day of heavy use. (For me, it would last for 2 days at least.)

It also has 5 replacement coils for when they burn out, a nice inclusion.

Because the battery is compatible with 510 / eGo devices, you can easily upgrade the tank to a higher end system if you feel so inclined.

What I love about the Kanger EMOW:

-Giant battery capacity of 1300 mAh.

-Incredibly slick, looks much more expensive than it is.

-Great price point. A cheap vape starter kit with class.

What I don’t:

-Should come with more than one tank.

So, the Kanger EMOW is a sleek, powerful and versatile vape starter kit with positive reviews. Definitely give this one a look.

Halo G6: A cigarette-like e-cig starter kit with good value and taste

Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit smaller. The Halo G6 system is one of the best e-cigarette starter kits for beginners, and it’s cheap to boot.

Rather than using tanks, the Halo utilizes cartomizers. These are coils surrounded with a cotton-like polyfill material that soaks up and holds your e-juice. Cartos are fantastic because they aren’t super prone to leaks.

The Halo G6 is truly tiny. When fully assembled, they’re not much larger than a real cigarette.

They are very light; you can even hold it in your mouth hands free. The vapour production is pretty impressive too, especially considering the size of the device.

Cartomizers are semi-disposable, and affordable to replace. You can either get them pre-filled, or fill them yourself. You just drip the juice onto the polyfill after removing the top cap. It can be difficult to see how much liquid is in a carto. There’s a bit of guesswork involved.

The batteries are smaller, so they hold much less in terms of charge. For that reason, it’s good to pre-charge them before you leave for the day. The G6 e-cig starter kit comes with two batteries, but I like to start the day with three of them charged and ready to go.

You can also pick up a portable charging case, or PCC. It doubles as protection and an on-the-go recharge station. Halo does sell one, though not with any of their kits.

What I love about the Halo G6:

-Simple, low maintenance, easy assembly

-Great vapour production and excellent flavour

-Smallest and lightest on this list, close to cigarette sized. Very stealth.

What I don’t:

-Small battery capacity means lots of recharging

-Hard to tell how much juice is left in a cartridge

If you want an easy to use, cheap e-cigarette starter set that mimics the look and feel of an ‘analog’, be sure to consider the Halo G6 series.

Innokin iTaste VV: A clearomizer equipped starter vape kit, good reviews

The Innokin iTaste VV is another extremely well known vaporizer. Like Joyetech, Innokin is a well known name in this industry.

As you might have guessed, the VV stands for variable voltage. I’ve included the iTaste on this list because it’s well loved, durable and extremely versatile. You can customize it to how you like to vape.

Innokin is well known for a distinctive feature: their batteries are square rather than round. No more rolling batteries for you!

In addition, you’ll notice a small LCD display and buttons near the base. This is where you adjust your voltage / wattage. You can have it as low as 3.3V or 6W, and up as high as 5V and 11W.

If you’re new to vaporizers and e-cigs, I’d suggest keeping voltage / wattage low until you get the feel for things. Too high can lead to a burnt, harsh taste with the wrong setup. 3.7-4.2V is pretty standard.

This kit comes with 1 battery (at 800 mAh it has decent power), as well as a retractable USB charger and 5 iClear clearomizers. Clearos are great for a beginner, because they’re easy to fill and monitor. You can easily tell if your juice levels are getting low.

The iTaste is a little bulkier than some other eGos, and the square shape may not be to everyone’s taste. That said, you get fantastic vapour and lots of versatility here.

What I love about the Innokin iTaste VV:

-Variable voltage and wattage lets you customize your vape.

-Battery shape prevents rolling, 800 mAh is sizable.

-Clouds of vapour and excellent clearomizer flavour

What I don’t:

-Again, just one battery with this kit.

-Square batteries aren’t for everyone.

Geo Vapor Pen: Slim and sleek, a cheap vape starter kit with good looks

I love a huge mod as much as the next person, but I’m also a big fan of e-cigarettes and vaporizers that are tiny, pocketable and light.

The Geo Slim Pro Vapor Pen is a newer product that meets all of those requirements. It’s tiny, sleekly designed and provides good throat hit and vapour.

This kit is pretty simple. You get a battery, a clearomizer (Geo’s proprietary design), and a USB charger. That’s not a lot of stuff, admittedly, but the price point is very accessible. My recommendation? Pick up two of these kits, then you’ll have two batteries and two tanks.

Geo does sell extra tanks. Another thing I really like about this company is their commitment to recycling. You can send back any used components and they’ll recycle them for you.

Unlike the Halo G6, this one isn’t an automatic battery, but instead operates whenever you press a sleek button on the side. Because of the size, shape and weight, this unit has a real cigarette feel to it.

The battery doesn’t last for very long as it’s pretty small. I’m a bit annoyed that Geo doesn’t sell batteries separately. Another improvement would be to offer a portable charging case, because a single battery on a single charge just won’t cut it for a full day.

What I love about the Geo Slim Pro:

-Gorgeous good looks. Modern, sleek, light, and stealthy.

-Environmentally friendly company, commitment to recycle.

-Great flavour and throat hit for such a small device.

What I don’t:

-One battery? Really? This kit should come with two.

OK, Which of These Electronic Cigarette Starter Set is the Best?

Everyone has their own requirements. That’s why I listed five. My needs might not be the same as yours! I can only speak for myself.

I began with an eGo set like the Joyetech above. Ultimately, I think it’s a great choice for anyone new to the world of vaping. Have I moved on to other devices? Yes, but I still have my eGo batteries and still use them from time to time. They’re a great backup.

In addition, the Halo G6 is in my current collection as well. It’s another favourite of mine, perfect for taking to the bar or an outdoor concert.

I’m not a snob. Any brand or battery type that works for you, great! It’s fun to spread the word and see e-cig popularity climb!

If you have any questions about the e-cig starters reviewed above, or any others that you come across, I’d be happy to lend my opinion. Feel free to leave a comment in the space provided below. Thanks for reading!

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