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Five Great Sub Ohm Tanks Worth Trying | VE Reviews

Man exhales vapour cloud

Photo Credit: Sodanie Chea

The trend of sub ohm vaping is massively popular, and growing. It makes sense! Who wouldn’t want more vapour and flavour?

Whether you’ve got a mechanical mod, a variable voltage / wattage rig, or just a basic battery capable of low ohms, you should really give this type of vaping a try!

By reducing electrical resistance and thereby increasing the heat (which improves evaporation), you can create massive clouds and enjoy the subtle flavours of your e-juice like never before.

The best way to do this (in my opinion) is to find a good sub ohm rebuildable tank atomizer (or RTA).

There are a bunch of great options, and choosing can be a frustrating exercise. Want some help?

What is Sub-Ohm Vaping? An Info Guide

What’s Sub-Ohming & Cloud Chasing?

Photo Credit: Will Fisher

If you spend any time on an e-cigarette forum, or if you visit a vaping shop with tons of mods lying around, you’re bound to run into a sub-ohmer.

You may also hear terms like ‘cloud chasing’ and ‘vapor contest’ being tossed about.

So what the heck is a sub-ohm vaporizer, and what’s the big deal?