4 Companies Giving Away Free E-Juice Samples

Free E-Liquid Samples

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Love trying out new flavours? You’re in luck.

These three companies are so confident in their e-juice that they’re willing to let the vapour do the talking. No purchase necessary.

I think this is a fantastic strategy. Buying a 30ml bottle is an investment, especially when it’s a flavour you aren’t certain you’ll love.  A free bottle of e-juice lets you ‘try before you buy’.

This makes sense for the sellers too. I’m much more likely to repeat order from a company I know.

Without further ado, here are four e-cigarette companies giving away free e-juice samples.

VistaVapors: The best free e-juice samples out there

The VistaVapors free e-juice offer is probably the best one in the business. It’s a ‘one per customer’ type deal, but you get to choose one of 19 flavours to try, and believe me, they’re good!

Particularly notable flavours include the incredibly tasty Blue Raspberry, an Apple Pie that will make your mouth water, a rich Honey Nut Cereal that’s super nostalgic, and Red Tobacco, a smooth, satisfying vape for tobacco enthusiasts like myself.

The good news is there are no duds in this mix. The flavours are complex and unique, with lots of ‘all day vapes’ in the options here.

It makes sense: they’re trying to win your business with samples of their best stuff.

You do need to pay $1.99 for shipping, but considering it’s a 17ml bottle that’s a great deal. As freebies go it’s huge, by far the largest ‘free sample’ in the business. Most others only offer around 5ml.

Another perk: if you’re new to vaping or just want a backup device, Vista is also offering a starter kit (a 650 mAh battery, clearomizer and charger) for just $8. They normally sell this kit for $18 on their website, so I’d recommend snapping it up; if nothing else, you’ll appreciate having the extra battery.

VistaVapors offers one of the best free e-juice samples around, definitely worth checking them out.

Sample Size: 17ml

Offer Rating: 5/5

TheEcig: Another great free e-liquid sample

TheEcig is offering a free sample of their e-juice to customers on the honour system. They’ll offer just about any flavour they make and you just pay 50 cents for postage.

I warn you, they have a lot of flavours, so making a decision on which sample to try out might take a while. Luckily for you they also offer 3ml bottles of almost every flavour for one dollar, so you can try out some other combinations without busting the bank. You can also tag a free sample onto their free shipping offer if your purchase exceeds $30.

Their flavours include something for everyone, ranging from a good selection of tobacco creations to fruity, sweet and menthol variants.

The sample is a decent size too, 10ml.

As you’d expect it’s a one-per-customer deal here too. It’s the cheapest shipping for a free sample, so take advantage of their kind offer. Give them a whirl, it’s a great company.

Sample Size: 10ml

Offer Rating: 5/5

 Vermillion River: Top quality tobacco vape juice samples for $1.00

Vermillion River offers a 4.5ml free e-liquid sample as long as you pay shipping (a very reasonable $1.00).

The coupon code to use for this giveaway is SAMPLE, which you enter at checkout.

Your most difficult task will be choosing which flavour to try. They literally give you access to everything they offer, including Mystic Cherry, Baja Blitz and Cool Killer Tobacco. (They have some of the best tobacco juices you’re likely to come across.)

Remember to use that coupon code when you check out. It’s a difficult offer to beat. Additionally, you can get further samples for $2 when you buy a 30ml bottle of something else.

The only thing keeping them down is the small size. I don’t know about you but 4.5ml doesn’t last me very long.

Still, their stuff is fantastic. They’re trying to get you hooked, and it’s totally working.

Sample Size: 4.5ml

Offer Rating: 4/5

Vapin Plus: A big, free sample bottle of e-juice, limited selection

Here’s another great offering. Vapin Plus will ship you a 15ml sample for just $0.99. That’s a lot bigger than most free or bonus samples companies will be willing to hand out. And you get that without a hidden fee or commitment to buy anything else.

The downside? You only have a few options and honestly very limited nicotine strengths to choose from. That doesn’t detract from the deal, but compared to the ones listed above, where you have far better selection, it isn’t quite as ideal.

Still, the flavours they’re listing are crowd pleasers, with a pretty awesome cigar tobacco and a range of fruity flavours. If you’re hunting for a free e-juice giveaway, it’s well worth trying out one from Vapin Plus.

Sample Size: 15ml

Offer Rating: 4/5

Honourable Mentions:

There are plenty of other companies offering free e-juice, but there’s often a catch. Usually you can get a free sample after purchasing something else.

And no, I haven’t found any offer that’ll ship samples to you for free. That makes sense, postage expenses can add up. I’m happy to pay such insignificant fees, honestly. And if you’re in the United States, a vape shop legally can’t give away samples. FDA regulations now require the sample to be in concert with another purchase. That’s why you’re usually required to spend something.

If you’re really tight on cash you can always chat with your local vape shop about samples; they’ll typically have something for you to try. Remember, these relationships are reciprocal. A shop owner is way more likely to give you samples if you’re a good customer.

Here are a few other companies offering free (ish) e-juice samples to customers:

Vape Wild: This company is giving away free e-juice samples every time you spend $15 or more in their shop. They’ll either automate it by adding a sample fitting the flavour profile, nicotine level and VG/PG ratio of the rest of your order, or you can request something specific that you’d like to try.

This doesn’t quality quite as a free e-liquid sample because obviously you have to spend a bit of money. But if you repeat order with them you’ll start racking up more bonus bottles of e-juice than you know what to do with.


Thomas Grantham

about 2 years ago

Thanks for the informa tion. I just started vaping, and I'm looking to try other flavors I like, currently I smoke key lime pie, I made myself. I'm looking for all day vapours.


Holly Longbottom

about 2 years ago

New vapor, so far, unicorn milk from cuttwood has been the only to keep me happy, I'm going through it though and don't know what to do. It's too pricey. Thanks


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