Joyetech eRoll-c Review: A Small E-Cigarette with Huge Vapour

The eRoll Electronic Cigarette Review: Starter Kit with PCC


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I love a huge mod that produces clouds as much as the next person. But that being said, sometimes you just want an e-cig that’s simple, stealthy and cigarette-like.

The eRoll is probably the closest you’ll get to a real cigarette in terms of size, feel and satisfaction. It doesn’t skimp on power either, it’ll produce clouds and great flavour.

It even comes with a PCC (or portable charging case) to ensure you’ve got enough power to get you through the day.

But is the Joyetech eRoll e-cig starter kit all it’s cracked up to be? This review will detail my personal experiences with the device, so you’ll know what to expect!

eRoll or eRoll-c? What’s the Difference?

If you’ve done any looking around, you’ll notice that there are two versions of the Joyetech eRoll electronic cigarette on the market right now. There’s the standard version, and the C, which is different in a few subtle ways.

The C is basically the deluxe version of the system. I suspect that Joyetech is planning on running with the C exclusively moving forward, but I haven’t been able to confirm that.

While the standard kit features a metal housing for the battery and atomizer cover, the tank itself (which sticks out of the end, also serving as the mouthpiece) is all plastic. The standard comes in matte black or white, with a matching PCC.

The eRoll-c, however, reviews a bit better, with full metal covering all three pieces: battery, cover and tank. This gives it a smoother, sleeker and classier look and feel. The C is available in metallic colours: silver, bronze / gold, and matte black.

The C is commonly available in Europe, but is more difficult to find in North America. In practice, the differences are mainly cosmetic, and the standard is still a slick little unit.

Joyetech eRoll Review: How It Works

eRoll Components. Photo Credit: Joyetech

eRoll Components. Photo Credit: Joyetech

When you first get your eRoll, you’ll probably be impressed by the packaging and branding. It feels sort of like an Apple device, all very neatly put together.


The PCC is slick and looks a lot like a cell phone. It has a magnetic door that snaps shut. Unlike other PCCs, it will start charging as soon as you put the e-cigarette in place.

It has a 1000 mAh battery, which lasts a good amount of time, usually more than enough to get you through a day of moderate use.

The Battery

The eRoll features tiny, lightweight batteries that have about 90 mAh of charge. That’s not a lot. Joyetech has clearly sacrificed capacity for weight here. The battery connects to the atomizer housing with a twist.

It’s an automatic battery, meaning there’s no button to press. When you want vapour, simply breath in. It’s a very slick setup.

The Atomizer & Cone / Cover

Each eRoll electronic cigarette relies on a standard Joyetech Ego-c atomizer head. This tiny engine has a little spike containing a wick, which draws liquid down into the coil.

The atomizer is held in place by a metal housing cover (which Joyetech calls the ‘cone’), which holds it steady and creates a connection with the battery.

The Tank / Mouthpiece

The eRoll is a tank system, meaning that it has a tiny container which holds the e-juice. The spike from the atomizer sticks into the tank, wicking juice down across the coil as needed.

These little things hold less than 1ml of liquid, meaning that regular refills are a necessity. Fortunately, they’re cheap, and you can buy and fill a bunch for easy access on the go.

What I Love About the Joyetech eRoll

eRoll Starter Kit

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• As someone who hates carrying bulky things around, I love the tiny size of the eRoll.

It’s seriously the most cigarette-like experience in the vaping world (as of right now). This little e-cig is tiny enough to dangle easily from your lips, or to stash behind your ear.

• The vapour is fantastic! The small size doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. It won’t beat a fancy mod, but the vapour production of this unit rivals any ‘off the shelf’ units for sale today.

• The flavour is incredible. It’s a true representation of what your e-juice is supposed to taste like, and it’ll bring new life to flavours you thought you didn’t like. You know that ‘burnt plastic taste’ that a lot of e-cigs tend to have? I’ve never experienced that with the eRoll.

• The PCC is super slick, the nicest design I’ve come across. It charges quickly (usually well under an hour), and if you’re not a chain-vaper you’ll have plenty of juice.

• I never feel embarrassed to take out my eRoll e-cigarette in public. It looks like a regular cig, not like some strange device. The case looks so snazzy that people often think it’s an iPhone. Even my wife likes it!

What I Dislike

OK, let me preface this by saying I’ve never found an e-cigarette with zero flaws. So while I’m disappointed by some of the eRoll’s shortcomings, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad product.

• First: the capacity of the battery is pretty low. 90 mAh isn’t enough to last very long, about the same as a typical smoke break. Fortunately it also recharges quickly.

• The tank cartridges don’t last long either. With a realistic capacity of about 0.5 ml, they last about as long as your battery (maybe a bit longer.) Refilling is easy with standard needle-tip bottles, but you’ll get weary of constantly refilling.

• The PCC is fabulously well-designed and beautiful to look at. So why on earth didn’t they include storage for extra tanks and batteries? It’s a minor inconvenience, and it keeps the PCC small, but built-in storage would have been worth taking up more space in your pocket.

• I did experience occasional leaking too. I’ve heard that it’s from overfilling the tank, or possibly from the tank design itself. The new eRoll-c tanks don’t seem to suffer from this issue.

• The Ego-c atomizers last a long time, but they’re pretty expensive. You’ll want to be careful not to ‘dry burn’ them to preserve their lifespan.

eRoll Starter Kit Review Verdict

So, is the Joyetech eRoll e-cig worth the time?


I love how tiny and cigarette-like this little device is. I love that I never get funny looks or questions about it. It’s so stealthy!

And, despite its shortcomings, Joyetech seems to be making strides to improve things.

I’d recommend it to anyone who wants an analog cigarette experience. Its portability and power are impressive, and the flavour absolutely can’t be beat.

Alternatives To Consider:

Still on the fence? If the pros don’t outweigh the cons for you, there are some small, cigarette-sized e-cigs that provide a similar experience.

– The Halo G6 is just about as small, and it has great flavour and vapour. They don’t often leak either, which is a bonus. They’re a cartomizer system, meaning they have disposable cartridges (blank or pre-filled) filled with a cotton-like material that soaks up a lot of juice.

The Halo G6 has a higher capacity for both juice and power, meaning it’ll last longer. There is a PCC available as well. And you have the option of an automatic battery like the eRoll has (which I recommend for a more authentic experience.)

– The Joyetech 510 is another small-sized e-cig that has good vapour and reliable performance. The 510 has been around for quite a long time, but like the eRoll it is a tank system, so the flavour you’ll get will be about as clean and genuine as it gets.

Most of the time the 510 features a manual battery, so you’ll have to press the button when you want vapour. Not a big deal!

– The Joyetech eCab is a slick, small e-cigarette with great reviews. Another tank system, it’s a bit larger than the eRoll or the Halo, but it’s well-made. A flush button on the side triggers the vapour, and it’ll create storm clouds!

The battery is a lot bigger and thus lasts longer, and the tanks are easy to refill. It’s a fantastic starter and really inconspicuous to use. Not quite as tiny, but still excellent.

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