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The trend of sub ohm vaping is massively popular, and growing. It makes sense! Who wouldn’t want more vapour and flavour?

Whether you’ve got a mechanical mod, a variable voltage / wattage rig, or just a basic battery capable of low ohms, you should really give this type of vaping a try!

By reducing electrical resistance and thereby increasing the heat (which improves evaporation), you can create massive clouds and enjoy the subtle flavours of your e-juice like never before.

The best way to do this (in my opinion) is to find a good sub ohm rebuildable tank atomizer (or RTA).

There are a bunch of great options, and choosing can be a frustrating exercise. Want some help?

I’ve tried out a bunch of them, so I’m writing this piece to offer a handful of reviews of sub ohm atomizer tanks that I’ve enjoyed. I hope it’s helpful!

It’s important to do that safely, of course. I’ve written an article introducing you to sub ohm vaping. It’s worth reading if you’re new to this stuff!

Subtank Mini: A well-reviewed sub ohm beast with great features

Subtank Mini

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The Subtank series, by Kangertech, is impossible to miss. Their fantastic sub ohm tanks are well crafted, cleverly designed, and built to last.

Did I mention they’re gorgeous?

They also offer a level of versatility that many rivals haven’t matched yet.

There are two sizes to choose between: the Subtank Mini and the Subtank Nano. The Mini can hold up to 4.5ml of e-liquid. The Nano holds less, around 3ml, but it has a much slimmer profile.

The Mini gives you a few vaping options. If you prefer simplicity and low maintenance, Kanger produces a line of sub ohm atomizer heads, which fit into the Mini and the Nano. This essentially turns the tanks into fancy clearomizers.

These heads are fantastic! Kanger uses organic cotton in the wicks (instead of silica). The coils are well made and produce clouds of vapour.

If you prefer to built your own coils, you’re in luck! The Subtank Mini provides a rebuildable atomizer head, so you can choose your own wick and coil material and build it yourself. I recommend using organic cotton with your coils.

The Nano does not include a rebuildable head, so you’ll have to use their disposable heads. For that reason I greatly prefer the Mini.

This sub ohm tank includes a great adjustable airflow ring, which lets you change the draw from very tight to wide open (if you prefer lung hits.)

Flavour is really quite good, very true to the juice. It’s not a cool or a hot vape, but nicely in between.

What I Like: Great airflow control, easy to clean, easy to build coils, excellent tank reservoir size

What I Don’t: I wish the Nano came with a rebuildable head

Verdict: Right now the Subtank Mini is one of the best sub ohm tanks on the market, and it’s massively popular. I have two of them and I love them to bits. It’s a great investment for anyone looking for big clouds and flavour. Try it and I’m betting you’ll love it.

Aspire Atlantis: One of the best sub ohm tanks around

The main competitor to the Kangertech Subtank right now is the Aspire Atlantis. As any good rival does, it offers competitive features and price tags. It also happens to be a fantastic tank for sub ohm vaping.

The Atlantis is very well made, featuring stainless steel construction and a clever design that prevents leaks very effectively. It has a pyrex glass tube and it’s very sharp looking.

The Atlantis also makes use of sub ohm coils with organic cotton wicks. Their coils are really well built. They wick liquid very fast and you’d have to really push it to get a dry hit.

Vapour production with the Atlantis is intense. You can definitely produce impressive clouds, particularly with their 0.5 ohm and 0.3 ohm coils.

The Atlantis 2 has a capacity of about 3ml, which is decent. If you need more capacity than that, consider the Atlantis Mega, which has a huge 5ml tank.

The flavour is also very good. I find that organic cotton produces the truest flavour notes and most accurately represents the subtleties of your juice. I’d definitely recommend opting for the OCC coils for this product.

The Atlantis has one glaring need: a rebuildable deck. Without that, it just doesn’t have all the features the Subtank does. If you don’t plan on rebuilding coils and prefer to use Aspire’s pre-made ones, then the Atlantis is a great choice.

What I Like: Fantastic construction quality, intense cloud production, impressive flavour

What I Don’t: Not an RTA because you can’t rebuild it

Verdict: A great competitor to the Subtank and the top sub ohm tank choice for a “low maintenance” vaper who isn’t interested in rebuilding coils.

Innokin iSub G: A good & cheap tank / clearomizer for sub ohm vaping

Innokin iSub G

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Another big e-cig manufacturer, Innokin, has decided to enter the sub ohm game, and they’ve done it with a slightly different strategy than the others: cost effectiveness.

Their iSub products are all very affordable, and it’s a great way for a vaper without a massive budget to test out the sub ohm waters. In particular, I like the iSub G.

This tank is very smartly constructed from quality stainless steel, and it’s very easy to put together and take apart. Like others, it features a pyrex tank and an airflow control knob.

Also like the others, the iSub G works with replaceable coils. They have a nice feature which the others don’t: an anti-spit mesh which prevents spitback, which can sometimes happen with certain juices under high heat. It’s an elegant and simple fix that I wish the others would adopt.

Cloud production and flavour are great, equal to many more expensive competitors. 0.5 ohm is more than enough for most people, and it’s the lowest that many manufacturers are willing to go. The coils are affordable and have a relatively long lifespan if treated gently.

And yes, like the others their coils use Japanese cotton!

It does tend to sizzle and pop quite a bit. It’s probably the reason they included the mesh screen. Not the stealthiest vape around!

What I Like: Excellent vapour and flavour, one of the cheapest sub ohm tanks around, great value

What I Don’t: Noisy to vape, no rebuildable option

Verdict: Innokin has proven they’re not messing around. With their iSub series, you can vape a sub ohm atomizer tank without breaking your wallet. It’s a keeper.

Horizon Arctic: A good sub ohm tank for cloud enthusiasts

Arctic Horizon Tank

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With some of the lowest ohm coils around, the Horizon Arctic subtank is a powerful tank atomizer that will fog like few others.

This tank is another example of the excellent quality products big e-cigarette companies are pushing out. Like the others here, this one is made from stainless steel and includes a pyrex glass tank.

Like the Atlantis, the Arctic subtank makes use of replaceable coil heads that feature organic cotton wicks. Unlike the others, their atomizer heads are available at some of the lowest ohm ratings around.

Their 0.2 ohm coil is powerful, creating clouds and flavour at up to 50 watts.

Pushing it even further, they have dual coil atomizer heads that allow you to push the wattage up to 100. This kind of vaping is obviously reserved for those who know what they’re doing, but the potential is pretty staggering.

An adjustable airflow gives you four options, from a very tight draw to a wide open lung hit. If you’re planning to use the low ohm coils, I’d suggest having that airflow open.

Also like the Atlantis, this product doesn’t have a rebuildable deck, so you’re stuck with the replaceable atomizer heads. Fortunately, those heads are really fantastic and very affordable, so it’s not a huge concern. Still, I’d love to see an RTA option here.

What I Like: The low cost, excellent quality coils, 4 part airflow control, ridiculous vapour and flavour

What I Don’t: Small tank capacity of 2.5ml, no rebuildable deck.

Verdict: The Horizon Arctic sub ohm tank is among the best options for a vaper who wants big clouds and flavour with the hassle of coil rebuilding. The price tag is really decent, and it’s a well built unit. Definitely one to consider!

Lemo 2: A rebuildable sub ohm tank atomizer with great reviews

Lemo 2

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If you’re planning to build your own coils, then I’d recommend looking at a full-on RTA for your sub ohm vaping needs.

The Lemo 2, by Eleaf, is an extremely well-built, affordable and easy-to-use tank atomizer that you’ll absolutely love.

As mentioned before, you won’t have the option for disposable, pre-built atomizer heads with this unit. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to build you own coil and wick. It’s a very ‘Zen-like’ process that I enjoy very much. Plus it gives you a lot of control over how your mod will vape, including the amount of resistance you want to use.

The Lemo 2 makes rebuilding very easy, with an easily accessible, raised deck for you to work with. There aren’t a lot of fiddly, smaller parts to muck around with.

The whole unit is made from stainless steel, and it’s solid! There’s a pyrex glass tank to let you view your juice level.

I notice that the Lemo 2 is much slimmer than its predecessor, and smaller too. Still, you’re given a fairly large juice capacity of about 3.8ml, which you can easily refill with the included fill port.

As a sub ohm tank atomizer, this one reviews very nicely. It comes equipped with a 0.5 ohm coil, but you can obviously build lower than that. The adjustable airflow controls give you a great deal of control with cloud production.

(It’s worth mentioning: close off the airflow control when travelling to avoid leaks!)

What I Like: Simple yet efficient construction, powerful features, excellent build deck

What I Don’t: There’s a learning curve, not a great choice for a newbie

Verdict: This solid, simple and gorgeous low ohm tank is a winner: it just works great! If you’re not afraid to test out your wick building chops, it’s a top contender in my books.

What Sub Ohm Tanks Have You Tried?

What are you vaping right now? I’d love to hear your feedback on the above products, as well as any others that you’ve tried out and love. Thanks for reading!

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