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5 Good E-Pipes on a Budget: My Picks, Reviews & Tips for 2018

Four Affordable & Stylish Electronic Smoking Pipes

Affordable Electronic Pipes Explained

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When I first got into pipe smoking, I fell in love. There’s something about puffing on a pipe that just makes the world slow down.

Smoking a pipe takes time. You get to relax, take in your surroundings, get lost in thought, and appreciate the experience.

Unfortunately, like all burnt tobacco, there are considerable health concerns. Wanting to live a long life, I set the ‘toby’ aside.

I immediately started looking around for a good electronic smoking pipe that could take its place. I was surprised by the lack of good information about affordable e-pipe options.

It’s not that they don’t exist, they simply seem to be scattered across the web, with very little reliable information ready at hand.

So what are the best e-pipes at a cheap price point?