E-cigarettes are a revelation: a smoking alternative that doesn’t rely on combustion.

And here’s the surprising thing: vaporizing is more pleasurable than smoking!

You can customize the flavour, draw, amount of vapour, throat hit, everything. It’s a paradise for tinkerers and hobbyists.

That’s all great. But what happens when you’ve got a question, and just isn’t a straightforward answer? If you’re new to vaporizing the conflicting info can be overwhelming. Even us vets get worn out by it sometimes!

How This Site Works:

Unlike many others, we aren’t here to sell you on any one particular product. Rather, this site is intended to provide straightforward information.

Not sure what an atomizer is? We can help. Not sure what SS mesh is, or how to use it? No problem, we’ll cover that!

Think of this site as a repository and resource for all things e-cigarette.

Can’t find something? Try using the search feature in the sidebar.

Still can’t find it? Feel free to recommend an article topic. We’re here to help! This is a labour of love and we can’t get to every question right away, but we’ll do our best, be patient with us!

Who We Are:

Vaping Explained is made up of e-cigarette enthusiasts and writers.

Drawer full of e-cig components? Check. Long list of favourite juices? Check.

Our goal is to give everything a whirl. We don’t rely on second or third-hand information; we try things out and make recommendations based on our experiences with the product.

I hope you’ll find this site useful!