4 Good, Super-Mini E-Cigarettes | My ‘Cigalike’ Reviews for 2016

What’s the Smallest E-Cig? Cigarette-Sized Options

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The realm of vaping and e-cigarettes is a cool place right now. New items are hitting the market daily, and the whole industry seems dedicated to improvement.

Sometime, however, you just want a cigarette-like e-cig. Something simple, small, portable and easy to use.

Good news: there are some awesome ‘cigalikes’ out there. What does that mean? It’s a mini e-cigarette that’s around as compact as a regular smoke.

With improvements in battery technology and atomizers, we have some legit contenders nowadays. And unfortunately some duds too.

This piece is written to help you find the best small e-cigarette for the money.

I’m kind of obsessed with the topic, truthfully. As much as I like big mods and flashy vaporizers, my heart longs for a cigalike that’s as tiny, light and effortless as a real smoke. So I’ve tried a bunch of them.

Want to find out which models made my list? Keep on reading.

What’s a Cigalike and What’s The Big Deal?

A cigalike is an e-cigarette which is designed to mimic the look and feel of a regular cigarette. They’ll have a similar size, shape and weight. They’re often referred to as ‘super-minis’ as well.

Cigalikes often feature automatic batteries, meaning you activate the device simply by drawing in.

They tend to have a smaller capacity, both for e-juice and battery life, so they necessitate frequent recharges and multiple cartridges.

Some dislike the concept of the cigalike. After all, vaping is not simply a smoking replacement. It’s an alternative, and has its own culture.

That said, leaving ‘analog’ cigarettes behind can be really tricky. It’s not just about the nicotine, it’s about the ritual. A cigarette-sized e-cig is small, and makes a great starter kit. It’s an accessible entry point into the vaping world, so I think it’s great.

Halo G6: Among the best cigalike style mini e-cigs

If you’re not familiar with this brand, they’re a big name. The Halo G6 is a wonderful, tiny e-cigarette with great reviews and quite a following.

The G6 is only slightly larger than a traditional smoke. They’re small and light enough to not be a burden, and they fit nicely in a coat pocket without being bulky.

It’s actually a KR808 system, which is a battery and cartomizer size and compatibility indicator. It has become popular and adopted by many companies (including Halo.)

It’s quite simple. The battery screws into a cartomizer (a type of atomizer with a polyfill interior which holds your e-juice.) You can choose between an automatic battery or a manually fired one.

When it’s out of juice, you just screw the battery into the handy USB charger and plug it into your computer or a wall charger of some kind.

The batteries actually have a decent lifespan for being so small. You can get them with capacities exceeding 300 mAh. They come in three sizes. If you’re looking for the smallest e-cig possible, go for the 65mm battery. Or, if battery life is more important, go for a bigger one.

I have the 65mm size, and it’s great. Each one lasts for about 20 minutes of constant use. I have three of them in constant revolution, so I’m never left hanging.

The vapour production is impressive, and I’m also excited to report that they don’t leak (unless improperly filled.) The only note I have is that the flavour is slightly different than that of a clearomizer or tank atomizer. Not bad, just a different flavour profile.

On the whole, the Halo G6 system is a mini e-cigarette I’d highly recommend. It looks great, produces awesome vapour, and looks and feels just like an analog.

Joyetech eRoll: Probably the smallest e-cigarette around, awesome vapour

Joyetech eRoll

Joyetech decided to answer the call for a miniature, cigarette-like vaporizer, and boy did they produce. The eRoll is a fantastic, sleek product with the power of a much larger unit.

It was clearly designed with former smokers in mind, because each fully assembled eRoll is feather light. I’ve compared the weight in my hand, and the difference is really minute. Obviously with a battery and metal housing, the eRoll weighs more, but it can easily dangle from your lips without effort.

The build quality and feel is fantastic. The housing and battery case are made from metal, and the tank holding the juice is plastic. It all fits together nice and flush.

The vapour hit is incredible. I can’t believe the clouds this little device will produce. The flavour is excellent also, with almost no unwanted taste added by the coil or tank. No plastic taste, just vapour. It runs on an eGo-C replaceable atomizer head, which has a ton of power.

There are some downsides, however. I love the tank system, but they’re really small, holding less than 0.5 ml of juice. That’s just not enough, so you’ll be constantly refilling.

The battery capacity is a tiny 90 mAh, which gives you about 10 minutes of continuous use before fizzling out. Fortunately, it recharges very quickly in the included portable charging case.

The eRoll is among the best super mini e-cigarettes around, with almost no compromises. If you can handle the small capacity, it’s a worthwhile add to your collection.

Innokin AIO: A small, 510-style e-cig with portability upside

Innokin AIO 510

One of the biggest technical limitations of a cigalike is the small battery capacity. Innokin has a clever way to counteract that deficiency: a portable charging case, or PCC.

Like the eRoll, you can charge up the case at home and then use that juice to recharge your batteries throughout the day. It also doubles as a good way to carry and protect your e-cigarettes on the go.

The Innokin AIO (which stands for all-in-one) uses the 510 system. It’s pretty similar to the KR808: a small battery which attaches to 510 compatible cartomizers.

510 batteries have been around for a long time (which is why the 510 connection is now basically the industry standard.)

The AIO will carry one battery and three spare cartomizers at a time. Whenever not in use, your battery gets a charge. This allows you to take a ‘smoke break’ whenever you want. Three cartomizers is usually enough to get the average vaper through the day.

Vapour production is above average, and it has a good throat hit and flavour, and those cartomizers hold a lot of juice.

The only downside I see from the Innokin AIO is the case. It’s slick, sleek and beautiful… so why did they include a removable cap? It’s way too easy to lose! They should have gone hinged.

Aside from that, this is mini-sized e-cigarette with portability and power. The 510 system is reliable and compatible with everything. What’s not to like?

Joyetech eCab: A small e-cig with big usability and stealth looks

Joyetech eCab Starter Kit

The eCab is a slightly larger model (I wouldn’t classify it as a super-mini), but it’s still noticeably smaller than an eGo setup, both in length and width. It’s a gorgeous little e-cigarette.

Similar to the eRoll, Joyetech clearly put a lot of work into the fit and finish of this product. The detailing is excellent, from the gold coloured ring and end cap to the flush and clicky button set on the side.

The eCab is a tank system. That’s a plus for me, since I prefer the clean and unadulterated taste of these systems. They’re also easy to fill and easy to monitor the juice levels on.

With the eCab, you actually can remove the battery itself from the housing. The kit comes with two such batteries, each rated at around 360 mAh. That gives them by far the longest life of the kits reviewed so far.

The vapour, flavour and throat hit are all excellent too. Like the eRoll, this kit runs on the eGo-C type atomizer heads, which work like a trick.

As for downsides, I only have two. First, while this is one of the smallest e-cigarettes or vaporizers you’ll come across, it’s not quite as small as the three mentioned above. Still, it’s a nice compromise between size and usability.

My second issue is that, like many tank systems, it’s prone to the occasional leak. These systems rely on vacuum to remain sealed, and fiddling with or jostling the tank mouthpiece can break it and cause a leak. I just keep a handkerchief on hand and it’s no problem.

Aside from that, the eCab is one of my absolute favourites. It’s a compact, mini e-cigarette with good reviews and excellent power. Worth a look!

Know a good one that I missed? Feel free to leave your recommendation in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and happy vaping!

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