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Four Affordable Electronic Smoking Pipes That Work

Affordable Electronic Pipes Explained

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When I first got into pipe smoking, I fell in love. There’s something about puffing on a pipe that just makes the world slow down.

Unfortunately, like all burnt tobacco, there are considerable health concerns. I set the ‘toby’ aside.

I immediately started looking around for a good electronic smoking pipe that could take its place. I was surprised by the lack of good information about affordable options.

So what are the best e-pipes at a cheap price point?

This article is written to help the reader find a good e-pipe without breaking the bank. We’ll take a look at four of the realistic options on the market, weighing the pros and cons of each one.

Hopefully these electronic pipe reviews will help you end up with something that’d make Gandalf proud! Let’s get started.

Gimmick or All-Day Vape?

Before we get into the reviews proper, I think it’s worth mentioning the novelty factor.

I don’t think that any of the cheaper e-pipes out there should be considered as an ‘all-day vape’ device. They’re all best suited for around the house vaping and parties and such.

Why? They tend to be a bit more complicated, a bit less compact, and they incorporate more ‘cosmetic’ touches than your average eGo or mod.

That said, I know a few people who use their cheap e-pipe as their go-to device. Whatever works best for you!

Kamry K1000: One of the best, cheap e-pipes around

The Kamry K1000 is what I’d classify as a ‘vanity vape’, a device designed with looks and aesthetics primarily in mind. Each one is colourful, attractive and eye-catching.

Fortunately, that doesn’t diminish the capability of this fun little vape!

It uses a built-in tank clearomizer which comes with the kit. This is a passable atomizer with decent vapour and a plastic casing. The tank uses a standard X6 V2 atomizer head, which you can replace as you burn through them.

You’re not limited with atomizers either, as you can upgrade to whatever you like… the Kamry K1000 is compatible with any 510 pieces. In fact, I highly recommend an upgrade after an initial tryout. The tank isn’t bad, but there are better and slicker looking options out there.

The battery is housed inside the pipe bowl, and it’s fired manually using a button on top of the bowl.

It utilizes a small 18350 battery, (which you sometimes have to purchase separately, make note!) which provides a decent amount of power for an enjoyable session. The voltage is fixed at about 3.7V.

Depending on which brand you choose, you should have about 800 mAh of juice per charge. That’s about the same as a standard eGo. It probably won’t last all day for a moderate to heavy vaper, but you can always carry a spare battery with you.

The Kamry K1000 is a great looking e-pipe with good reviews and sharp looks. It’s top of the list to consider!

Smoktech E-Pipe: Well reviewed, solid, simple and awesome

Another very popular pipe-style electronic cigarette is the Smoktech e-pipe. It’s an all-metal beast that should survive a bomb blast.

It’s quite a departure from the look and feel of a traditional tobacco pipe. The housing is full brass coated with chrome for a sleek appearance. That chrome continues up the whole body.

It’s best suited to someone who prefers the feel of a pipe in the hand, rather than the looks. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s really sharp, it just doesn’t look ‘traditional.’

Mechanically, it’s a very simple device. The main chamber unscrews to contain an 18350 battery, and it fires using a top mounted button. It fits beautifully in the hand and it’s a breeze to use. The button action is crisp, but beware that it doesn’t come with a lockout, so there could be some ‘pocket firing’ if you’re not paying attention.

It comes fitted with a 510 connection, so most of your atomizers and tanks will fit on nice and flush. It does not come with an atomizer / clearo / carto, you’ll have to buy one separately.

Vapour depends on what kind of cartomizer, atomizer or clearomizer you use with it, but it’s usually awesome at up to 4.2V.

Overall, this is a powerful, durable and great little electronic pipe, one of the best around.

Note: You’ll see a lot of knockoffs of this particular mod around the internet. The ‘authentic’ version is superior because it has some insulation around the battery housing. Otherwise, there is little difference.

618 E-Pipe: A good looking imitation of the real thing

If you’re wanting something that has the look as well as the feel of a traditional tobacco pipe, then you’d do well to consider the 618 electronic pipe. It reviews nicely and has the look and charm of the real thing.

From a distance, no one would realize it’s an electronic smoking pipe. In the hand the difference is obvious: the housing is made from plastic.

Like you, I’d have preferred to see wood. However, plastic means this is a cheap electronic pipe to buy. It still feels quite good in the hand.

It has a little diamond plastic cap over the battery which lights up when it fires. Not my cup of tea, but not the end of the world.

It comes with a cartomizer tank. That’s a technology that you don’t see as often, but it works well. You’ll just have to pick up new cartos every so often. You get a spare tank so you can mix up your juice flavours.

Like most, this unit runs on an 18350 battery, which fits snugly in the bowl. The battery is automatic, meaning it’s fired by just inhaling (rather than by pushing a button). That’s actually a really nice thing, and it makes for a more authentic pipe feel.

If you feel inspired, you can replace the tank with another 510 atomizer. That versatility is really what makes the 618 e-pipe worthwhile in my mind. And frankly, it looks awesome with just about any atomizer, clearomizer or cartomizer you throw on there. It’ll get loads of comments.

The 618 is a good, affordable electronic smoking pipe that has the looks most people are after.

Kato Hammer: All-metal electronic pipe for Thor enthusiasts

If you want an e-pipe that will make Norse gods jealous, you ought to consider the Kato Hammer. Like the Smoktech, it is an all-metal, button activated pipe, and it’s gorgeous.

This is an item that makes a strong visual statement. The stylized metal housing is square and intended to fit in your palm. The top mounted button is spring loaded, and like the Smoktech it doesn’t include a lockout.

This is a full mechanical mod. That means that the button completes the circuit for the battery. I love the simplicity and durability of this setup.

like other systems, the battery fits inside the hammer portion. If you want more juice, you can fit a larger battery if you like (by using the included extentions.) You can choose between 18350, 18500 and 18650. The latter two are more than enough to last through a full day of moderate use. Or, you can opt for the smaller battery for a more stealth approach.

The housing is chrome coated brass, and it’s heavy. Seriously. It could serve double duty as a weapon. The weight inspires confidence.

Most of them come laser etched with various designs. It’s just a matter of choosing your favourite.

With a 510 connection, this will play nice with most of your existing toys. Like the Smoktech, it doesn’t come with a clearo, carto or atomizer.

Keep in mind that most of the Hammers for sale out there are clones. They’re virtually identical to the original, but they don’t carry the brand name. That’s the way with most mechanical mods and e-cig stuff out there these days.

On the whole, the Kato Hammer is a badass e-pipe with awesome construction and good looks. What’s not to like?

Honorable Mention: Janty Kuwako

Curious about that gorgeous e-pipe in the introductory photograph? Well, it’s actually a customized e-cigarette with a Janty Kuwako attachment.

Janty created a clever and affordable little plastic piece that fits snugly on the end of most eGo batteries.

Some people consider it a gimmick, but I own one. Not only does it look great, it keeps your eGos from rolling off the table!

What’s the next step in the electronic pipe world?

Ok, so this article has stuck to cheap e-pipes for budget buyers. However, if you increase your budget, you’ll find yourself in a magical world of incredible mods.

Epipemods is a fantastic example. All their pipes are hand crafted with fine attention to detail. They’re loaded up with options and you can pretty much customize it to fit your exact specs. Of course that makes them expensive. But you won’t find many negative reviews for these guys!

Limelight Mechanics has a line of handmade e-pipes that I’ve been dying to check out. I can’t vouch for them since I haven’t seen anything up close, but they look pretty legit. Again, higher price tag (not to mention costly shipping if you’re located in North America.)

Mycroft Milverton has a line that he upcycles from used tobacco estate pipes. These are bespoke, and he probably makes them each by hand, personally. For that reason, they’re pricey! But beauty comes at a price after all.

Got any suggestions that I missed? Have any questions to ask? Leave comments below!

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